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Project Management

  • Supervise your projects
  • Coordinate your shipments
  • Organise your visits
  • Guided retail trend tours

Hands-on services for your projects in Europe

Sometimes you just need to get a job done, but you’re too remote or too busy to take care of it yourself. With my extensive experience in the floral business, I’m happy to offer you my hands-on services.

If you are visiting Europe, I can also arrange your itinerary and set up your meetings and/or arrange your hotels and transportation. Joining one of my guided European retail trend tours will be an inspirational boost for you and your team!

I can:

  • Supervise your projects 
  • Coordinate and inspect your shipments
  • Arrange your itinerary and set up meetings
  • Organize guided European retail trend tours

Getting it done, anything

Whether it’s just a couple of hours or a larger project, I’m ready to help you with anything that you need to get done in Europe. I would be happy to discuss the details with you and find out how I can help. Please contact me for more information.