In the dynamic world of the floral business, being informed and up to date is essential. Based in The Netherlands, I’ll be your eyes & ears in the floral industry in Europe to provide services worldwide. My neutral view and extensive experience ensures reliable information, sound advice and hands-on services for your business or project. I’m happy to connect the dots for you!

Green Connector’s ‘Plants IN Interior’ magazine is now available!

This digital magazine is available in English and Dutch.

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Green Connector’s ‘Plants IN Interior’ magazine is now available!


Eyes & Ears

Having someone available to you on the ground in Europe can be a big benefit to your company. Here’s why.

Market research

Would you like to stay up to date on what is happening in the European market? Read more.

Trend spotting

What are the current and future trends? Stay up to date on retail and consumer trends. Discover how.

Project management

I’m ready to help you with your projects in Europe! This is how it works.

Marketing Support

Would you like me to take a good look at your marketing, or take it to a next level? Find out how.