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Market research

  • Visit trade fairs
  • Wholesale to retail
  • Custom made reports

Vital market information for your business

It’s interesting to know what the developments are in Europe, both at wholesale and retail level. After having discussed with you the information you require, I can go on the road, exclusively for you, and come back to you with detailed information.

I can:

  • Visit industry related trade fairs all over Europe
  • Zoom in on specific areas of interest for you
  • Gather information on market developments at wholesale and retail level
  • Report back to you with information and photographs

In any European country

Markets in the floral business vary in different European countries. I can visit trade fairs, wholesalers and retailers in any European country of your choice, and zoom in on details that interest you and your business. My customized report, with text and photos, will give you a broader view on what is happening in that specific market. This information will be exclusive to you.

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