Eyes & Ears Play Stop

Eyes & Ears

  • Represent your company
  • Visit growers and suppliers
  • New concepts & product development

The benefit of having someone on the ground in Europe

It can be a big benefit to your company to have someone available to you on the ground in Europe, as an extension of your business. Being your Eyes & Ears means that I can represent your company in Europe on your behalf.

I can:

  • Represent your company
  • Visit your suppliers on your behalf
  • Introduce you to new companies
  • Help with product sourcing and developing new concepts

Customized service

This would be a customized service for your business. When visiting your suppliers, we will discuss in detail who you would like me to visit and the specific information you require. I can visit your breeders, but also for example your hardgoods or packaging suppliers. I can also help you with sourcing new products and introduce you to new companies.

Contact me for more information if you’re interested in having my services available to you on the ground in Europe.